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2D Tudy Now Available

Our new children's book is now available on

Also, check out Mike's book, Personal Happiness: A Business Strategy, written during a five week business trip to Tanzania. This is what happened when Mike was trapped in a hotel room in Africa for a month...inspiration.

Both books are available in paperback or Kindle format.

Project END ever


PRESS RELEASE: P210 recently announced the start of a new full-length feature film, "Project END ever" (working title). This documentary about a Montana heavy-metal band will following them during their September (2015) tour to Seattle, Spokane, Denver, Butte, and Billings, detailing their journey and providing a hard, deep look into their daily lives before, during, and after the tour.

Watch this site for updates.

The Writer's Ghost Update

29Jan2015 - MJH

Editing progresses and is nearing an end. Director Douglas Guarino will soon release a third rough-cut, this time including soundtrack and sound scoring elements.

No release date is available. Executive producers D. Bulkley and M. Hitchcock hope for a spring release of the movie.

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Larry Loves You

21Feb2015 - MJH

P210 Productions held the first casting call for the Larry Loves You movie teaser at Off the Leaf Coffee bar (819 Grand Ave, Billings MT) on 15Feb2015. We will hold a second casting call in Bozeman, Montana, early next month (March 2015). Watch this page and the Larry Loves You Facebook page for updates.

No acting experience necessary!